Spada Codatronca Concept

Different. That's the least you can say about the Spada TS Codatronca. 

Presented on April 24th, during the Top Marques Monaco 2008 (show of super sports cars and luxury cars), drew much attention from the specialized press as well as visitors to the event. The presentation, which was attended by former Formula 1 ex-pilot and champion Damon Hill, culminated with Codatronca elected the most beautiful car on display.

Created by Ercole and Paolo Spada, the lines that characterize the design are: aerodynamics, lightness, and driving pleasure. The same lines that framed most of Ercole Spada's projects, such as the mythical TZ1 and TZ2, characterized by the sudden form as the rear ends, called "codatronca", something like "truncated tail", are part of this car.

The engine of Codatronca TS was modified to work with E85, a biofuel with 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. The mechanical and electronic components were developed respecting the specifications that the project needed, obtaining in this way, 630 hp at 6500 rpm of the aluminum V8 engine. With 7 liters and using dry sump, it produces incredible 68 m.kgf of torque at 4800 rpm.

The power is transmitted to the rear wheels by the 6-speed manual transmission, which takes the Codatronca at 211 mph (340 km/h) with an acceleration of 0 to 62mph (0 to 100 km/h) in just 3.4 seconds. Despite of this, the designers gave more importance to the pleasure of driving than to the records of speed.

To achieve this, the Codatronca has traction control with three levels of performance that progressively remove the control of the computer and bring it to the driver.

In addition it also has equipment only available in racing cars, such as: on-board computer that can record up to 80 hours of telemetry on the track and 40 active functions that allow a better monitoring of the situation of the vehicle (steering angle, lateral and longitudinal G-force meter, speed of each tire, lap time meter, GPS, etc ...).

The chassis, made of tubular aluminum gives resistance keeping the weight low (only 1360 kg).

The adjustable suspension has 4 levels of adjustment (wet, soft, medium and hard) for better use in various types of terrain, making it possible to adjust the anti-torsion bars, all adjusted from inside the car.

The Oz wheels have 19 inches, using Pirelli Pzero Corsa tires, 285/35 at the front and 345/35 at the rear. The brake system features 380 mm discs and aluminum calipers with 8 pistons at the front and 355 mm with aluminum calipers with 4 pistons at the rear manufactured by Brembo. A state-of-the-art ABS system helps stop the machine.

The cockpit has air conditioning and perfect acoustics, the rear view is secured by a camera and inside there is still a clock designed by Meccanicheveloci with automatic recharging (an Italian taste).

Ficha técnica

Engine: Chevrolet LS7
Displacement: 7008 cm³ | 420.48 cu
Cilinders: 8 cilinders in V at 90 grades
Bore x Stroke: 99.9 mm x 99.9 mm
Compression ratio: 11.0:1
Valves: 16 (2 by cilinder)
Power: 630 cv | 621.13 hp at 6500 rpm
Torque: 68.0 m.kgf at 4800 rpm
Alimentation: aspirated
Position: longitudinal front

Gearbox: manual de 6 speed
Traction: rear

Max speed: 340 km/h
Aceleration de 0 a 60 mph: 3.4 seconds

Front suspension:
Rear suspension:

Front brakes: 380 mm discs and calipers with 6 pistons
Rear brakes: 355 mm discs and calipers with 4 pistons
Front wheels: 19 polegadas
Rear wheels: 19 polegadas
Front tyres: 285/35
Rear tyres: 345/35

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