Tire planter

Not only grease lives an enthusiast of the automotive world. Sometimes there is the will to put the passion for automobiles in every corner of the house.


Thinking about it, Fred & Friends created a vase that mimics two tires lying on top of each other. The richness of detail and the care of the appearance stand out, making you stay in doubt if they are real tires. Made of ceramic and measuring 7.6 cm high and 10 cm in circumference, it is the right size to accommodate that little plant that will give life to your living room, kitchen, garage ...


It costs $ 12.00 at the Fred & Friends online store. They only deliver in the United States and Canada, but if you travel or know someone there, you can already order yours.


Link: http://www.fredandfriends.com/home/yard-goods/5202867.html

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