Sound of Exhaust... literally

For those who love music and motorsport, this is the ideal gift.

A dock for iphone made with the actual exhaust collector of a Formula 1 or Indy car.

This beauty was conceived from engine exhaust manifolds taken from retired cars. Handcrafted at iXOOst in Modena, Italy, each of them earns tweeters, speakers and a subwoofer to deliver a beautiful sound experience. The 70 watt tweeters and speakers are installed in the input and the 140 watt subwoofer in the output.

The base and safe are made of anodized aluminum and there are six colors for customizing even the screws. The customer can choose the right or left manifold of cars as: Cosworth DFV 1978, Renault RS26 2006, Ferrari 056 2007 and even the Redbull RB6 2010, among others.

You can buy yours at the ixOOst online store for around € 10,000 (about $11,200). This is the price of exclusivity.

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