Flashlight rechargeable system

No one doubts the high quality of Maglite lanterns. They are very well-known as those lanterns used by the American police forces. Efficient and reliable, they come in various sizes and configurations to meet the most diverse needs.

Now Mag Instrument, manufacturer of these powerful flashlights, brings a rechargable system to the Maglite ML150LR LED. That's right, forget the batteries! Now you can recharge it into standard wall outlets or the car's 12V connector.

With an autonomy of 75 hours, the ML150LR is equipped with high-intensity led that produces 1000 lúmens and a beam of light that reaches 450 meters.

Ideal for have in the car.

It will start to be sold soon at the Maglite store: https://maglite.com/shop

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