Car Jump Starter: charge cellphone or car battery

You've gone through this, or met someone who's already been on the street with a car battery discharged. It is quite a common situation, especially if you usually forget headlights on or listening to music with the car parked.

With this in mind, several manufacturers have created portable chargers that permits you plug it and charge your car battery to not stay on the street waiting for help.



The Car Jump Starter is one of them. Created by PDE Technology, it is a powerful 8000 mAh battery that fits in your hand and give energy whenever you need. In addition to the car, it allows you to charge your phone, tablet, smartwatch and comes with a mini compressor to keep your tires always calibrated.

The kit consists of Car Jump Starter, a wall charger, a 12V car charger, a cable with 3 connectors for cellphones and tablets, a cable with alligator-type herons and a mini-compressor

Where to buy: Amazon


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