Max Motor Dreams: the crib that imitates a night car ride

If you have kids you know that one of the things that babies like best is sleeping in the car, especially at night. Thinking about it, Ford Europe has developed a crib that simulates a night ride by car. For this it reproduces the lighting, the movements and even the noise of the car engine, relaxing the child to sleep as if in the vehicle. All this in the comfort of your home.

Max Motor Dreams, as it's called, has almost the same dimensions as a traditional model and works together with a smartphone application that lets you record and play the movement, lights and sounds of a trip you make.

Responsible for the project is the Spanish studio Espada Y Santa Cruz. The crib was developed for a Ford Spain campaign, which will offer it as a prize in a raffle among customers participating in a test-drive program.


"After many years of talking to mothers and fathers, we know that newborn parents are often desperate for a good night's sleep. A quick ride in the family car can be a marvel to make the baby sleep, but still the poor parents have to be awake and alert at the wheel, "says designer Alejandro López Bravo, studio Espada and Santa Cruz. "Max Motor Dreams can make everyday life of a lot of people a little better."


For now, Max Motor Dreams is just a prototype. But has made so much success, that the company is studying start production scale.

If true, many parents may regain lost sleep, especially in the first year of life of the kids.



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